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The Instruction of Air Spring Shock Absorber

Air spring shock absorber is air suspension. The principle is to use the increasing rigidity of the compressed closed air in the air spring. That is to say, as the air spring is continuously compressed, its rigidity increases gradually. At the same time, its internal air is compressed or stretched into or out with the air spring, The air suspension system has nearly ideal dynamic elastic characteristics.

Air suspension main structure:

1. Air suspension system includes air spring, shock absorber, guide mechanism and body height control system.

2. The air suspension system generally adopts the air capsule spring.

3. shock absorber is mainly used to attenuate the vibration of the car body.

4. The guide mechanism is composed of longitudinal thrust bar and transverse thrust bar, which is used to transfer the longitudinal and lateral forces between the body and the axle, as well as the torque generated during driving and braking.

5. Body height control system is divided into mechanical control system and electronic control system.

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